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Have You Recently Gone Through a Breakup, Divorce, or Betrayal?

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You are not alone! Healing from heartbreak is one of the most painful experiences that we go through in life.

You are probably going through every detail of your relationship in your mind, asking yourself “what did I do wrong” or “what could I have done better”?


It’s easy to blame yourself and you do often. You believe it must be because you’re not lovable or you’re not good enough. I mean, it’s happened over and over again, you give your ‘all’ in relationships and you’re always the one that ends up getting hurt.


You feel overwhelmed by your emotions, one moment you’re angry as hell and the next moment you burst into tears because you miss them so much and long to be with them once again. You wonder if this roller coaster of emotions is ever going to end.


You’ve tried to get them out of your mind, maybe even gone on a few dates or had a rebound one night stand. But nothing works, you feel like you are going crazy, obsessing over them, constantly checking their social media; wondering how they are doing, if they miss you, and if they’ve moved on.


You know it's time to move on, that you deserved better anyway, but you feel so stuck! You don’t know what to do and just want these feelings to go away.

If you have recently gone through a break up, divorce, or betrayal and the above sound like you, it may be time to get some help to work through your feelings of hurt, anger, sadness, and grief. The Heal From Heartbreak 8 week program can help you heal your heart and move on from the relationship so that you can find joy once again. See below for more information.

Core Level



Relationship Counselling: Heal From Heartbreak




8 Week transformational program if you have gone through a break-up, divorce or betrayal 


These feelings that you are experiencing are completely normal and they are part of the stages of grief, because what you experienced was a loss. It takes time to work through all the emotions that come from the loss of a relationship. However, it is important that you work through them or you can become stuck.

This 8 week Healing From Heartbreak Program will include:

  • Eight one-on-one counselling sessions including 2-3 EMDR Sessions (Depending on the needs of the person) to help release intense emotional pain associated with the loss or break-up.

  • Working through the stages of grief.

  • Creating a roadmap for self-care strategies.

  • Looking at the patterns that lead to your break-up.

  • Discovering what lessons can bring about healing.

  • Identifying the lies you told yourself after the relationship ended.

  • Helping you reinterpret and re-frame  your  break-up.

  • Dealing with the longing  you have for your partner to come back.

  • Releasing obsessive thinking about the break-up.

  • Letting go of emotional pain and anger.

  • Moving on and setting goals for a positive future.

You Will Get Through This and Find Happiness Again and I Would Love to Help you Heal!


Book your complimentary 10 minute Heal From Heartbreak Call to see if this program is a fit for you.

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